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Jagvimal Consultants is a trusted identity in the field of MBBS consultancy Services. We analyze and deal with every possible complexity of medical aspirants regarding studying MBBS abroad. Our company has a dedicated team of counsellors with years of rich experience who truly understand aspiring students' needs to help in the lucrative career they always dreamed of. Jagvimal Consultants is a one-stop solution to start an MBBS journey abroad with a smooth and hassle-free process.

We already placed thousands of young minds in the best medical universities in the world and satisfied aspiring students and their parents' mutual desires. The list of medical destinations begins with the countries like The United States, The UK, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Philippine and various countries of Europe. We do not hide things and completing process with absolute transparency is our main Mantra.

To achieve this, our counsellors start with application assistance by suggesting the complete options as per your academics and choices. Choosing a university is always a bit tricky; it requires a comprehensive research of universities with appropriate rankings and standards. But don't worry that having timely updated data of the medical institutions will help you opt the best one. Our experts genuinely believe in serving and arrange everything from the start till end.

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Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in one of the most sought after and popular medical programmes known as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Every aspiring medical student wants to become a doctor and to fulfil his/her dream always put 100% efforts. MBBS in Abroad is an option for those medical aspirants who wish to pursue their lucrative career in the field of medicine from outside of their home country. From the last decade, we have clearly seen that the number is keep increasing of those who want to study MBBS in Abroad. There are various valid reasons behind this which we discuss further.

There are almost 67000 medical seats in India for which 15lac+ students appear, and this number still keeps on increasing every year. It means that only 5% of students can secure the seats and the rest who have the capability to be a good doctor are always face failure. So we can understand that the ratio between the aspiring students and the number of seats is too high.

Private medical institutions' tuition fee in India is highly expensive, making it impossible to bear by middle-class families. Due to these reasons, MBBS in Abroad option gives hope to those who want to achieve the goal to be a successful doctor. In Abroad, medical institutions and universities offer budget-friendly MBBS programmes having an effective way of learning with proper infrastructure. Besides, that student gets ample opportunities to explore another country.

Why to Study Mbbs In Abroad?

Due to having tough competition in India for government medical seats, many medical students quit thinking of studying MBBS in the country. But MBBS in abroad gives hope too many students to fulfil the dreams of becoming a medical professional. Those aspiring students who still in the dilemma whether MBBS in abroad is a good option or not, please have a look some of the points given below:-

The medical institutions and universities of abroad have a world-class infrastructure with all the amenities in medical advancement. Here, students have the full luxury for research and experiments with spacious advanced laboratories, technically proven medical equipment, and various other recourses to enhance their expertise. The affiliated hospitals associated with the institutions covering all the modern aspects with research centers reveal the country's topnotch infrastructure situation.

Those medical aspirants who have not financially strong background can study MBBS in Abroad. The Fee structure in India is too expensive; however, studying the MBBS programme abroad is relatively very affordable. Thus, many Indian medical aspirants choose MBBS in abroad over Indian medical institutions. The living cost is also very affordable including various accommodations, food, utilities, transportation and miscellaneous expenses.

The MBBS degrees offered from medical universities abroad is completely approved by NMC (National Medical Commission). Those who pursue medical degrees abroad can sit in Indian medical license exam to qualify FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) conducted by NMC.

The students get ample opportunities to interact with various students having demographic differences. Due to the complete cultural diversity with many communities, they feel confident and gain international recognition once they returned home. Those who got international exposure may learn and achieve personal and professional growth. The complete change persona with full of positivity makes an individual more sensitive towards others.

Students who want to study MBBS abroad usually do not require sitting any entrance exams such as IELTS/ TOEFL/MAT. Only a few countries require separate language exam to study MBBS. Admissions generally based on NEET which is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. Those who qualify NEET are eligible to study MBBS in Abroad.

Pursuing an MBBS degree from a foreign university is all time best experience. Studying MBBS in a different environment with several students who belong to different nations helps you grow your overall persona. Living in another country, learning new languages, and conveying thoughts to others is an entirely new scenario that gains confidence. Students who study in a different country have a broader view of the world. They learn to be responsible and independent. Staying abroad for a few years can help them become a confident persona.

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